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a little about me 

With as much as my family moved when I was younger, the constant in my life was music. Dad is a musician and fronted a rock band in Brasil so it was only a matter of time before they realized I inevitably was a singer. I taught myself guitar at age 9 and soon piano after that, my friends and I played 'American Idol' in my basement, and you better BELIEVE I learned all of Kenny Ortega's choreography on Disney Channel.

But would you believe me if I told you I was accidentally forced into theater? In middle school, the choir director put on the musicals using the chorus kids, so I was put into the ensemble of The Music Man and have not gone a year without doing theatre since. 

Being a First Gen American, the college process was unique to me. After extremely hard work, some trial and error (or paths becoming clearer, I should say), and prayers, I was accepted to The Boston Conservatory and graduated with more knowledge than I could have imagined while in Music Man. 

I currently reside in Atlanta with my family as I prepare to make the move to New York City to be closer to the auditions, friends, and paths to take. 

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